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A word of THANKS!

My fellow BanjoBen Forum Members,

It is a GOOD DAY!

Today, I received the notification that I have achieved the status of Forum Regular.

I realize this would not be possible without the
guidance, contributions and support offered by each of you !

I want to thank @BanjoBen - who makes this even possible & offers the best teaching available online, @Jake - so helpful, friendly, and exemplary in his service to us all - always with a touch of humor to make us feel welcome, @Archie for his dedicated and tireless devotion to this site - scouring to find lost performance gems or lend a helping hand to any and all who post, @Mark_Rocka, @MissMaggie, @Treblemaker, @Fiddle_wood, @shedrick, @Mike_R, @Dragonslayer, and so many more… all the other frequent contributers (you know who you are :wink:) as well as all who took time to like and respond to my posts…

Together, we make this a welcoming community of Bluegrass grassroots (pardon the pun :roll_eyes:) movement - helping all levels of players - each on their own musical oddessy. Educating those new to the genre and deepening those who find their way onto the Bluegrass Train has no bounds to its’ limits. We contribute to building a tradition of Old-Tyme, Bluegrass, Americana and Spiritual appreciation that will stay alive and thrive as it grows!

I’m humbled and amazed to see the progress and artistry y’all share on the forum and I am proud to be a Life Member here.

Thanks again.


Yay! Congratulations!

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Congrats bud. It feels good to be regular, right? :grin:


Indeed it does. Wait a minute, we are discussing the forum, right? :thinking::smirk:


Um, the forum, yeah. OK… sure. :woozy_face: :poop:


You guys are tempting me to receive a “first flag” badge right now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: jk, carry on (but maybe clean it up a little… :roll_eyes::joy:) feel free to use that last comment for further sarcasm


I will travel the high road on this one…

… even as it may appear brown and deep in mud…


Today I received the badge of regulatory honor!
Thanks everyone for making this forum so fun!


Wow- I got “regular” a couple weeks ago, and you are only just getting it? :wink:


I think the forum software is suspicious of me (possibly cuz I visit daily without fail) it didn’t give me the “member” badge for almost a year when other people got it after months

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MEANIE! :roll_eyes::rage:

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