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A week in,

Well, I’m a week in on Mandolin. I am really happy with my progress thus far. I am working on Wayfaring Stranger. I have the melody down pretty good. I am starting to work in he “Bluesy” portion of the lesson.
Funny thing is I don’t really have any problems with slides and pull offs, but dang why can’t my fingers stretch
like Ben’s? :wink:
On measure 38, the deceptively simple looking - 3 rd fret on D and 7th to 5th fret back back and forth on the G is just killing me. But…it has only been a week, right?


you know the old saying 'there’s more than one way to skin a cat"

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Yeah…but, either way you got a pissed off cat!

It’s no skin off my cat…

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Oh yeah, you got that! Just takes a little while to stretch!