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A Very Hard Decision

Hi all,
As you may have noticed, I haven’t been very active on the form in the last few months. The truth is, the whole lockdown thing had me kinda down bluegrass wise. I still play sometimes but not like I used to. So when the time came to renew my Gold Pick membership, my parents and I decided that I wasn’t making good use of it at this time and that we should cancel it for now. I am slowly getting back into bluegrass and my banjo (and mandolin and dobro and guitar, and so on) and in a few months once I have more time and more desire I will resume my Gold Pick membership. I’ve been pretty busy and I just wasn’t finding the time to play my banjo. I am working on some new songs when I get the chance and maybe I’ll post those when I nail them. I’ll still be around and I’ll try to post here once and a while.


Unless you become a lifetime member, if you are on monthly membership, I would think skipping couple of months in between could be the best way to make best use of the money. But it’s good that you have been busy these days! :slight_smile: Busy here as well. Successfully defended a case on my own just the week before! (You guys won’t even believe such things can happen if I share the details. Maybe I won’t do it for now.) And lately busy with a project too after a gap.


Sorry to hear that, Harrison, but I totally understand. I’m kind of in the same boat. Luckily I have a lifetime membership, so I can pick back up any time I want.

I hope you’ll at least stick around the forum. You don’t have to be a Gold Pick member to post.

May picking fever strike you again soon.


It’s all part of normal life…energy, available time, motivation and interest in things ebb & flow, like the tide…You’ll get more inspired to pick & learn when the time is right for you.
When that time comes the site will more than likely still be here…

Do what is right for you…


I hate to admit it but I’ve been covered up since the beginning of August. I attended the first July camp. I came home and was walking on air. I rewrote notes and neatened up tabs. I took a short vacation the end of July and spent hours going over camp stuff. This past Thursday, Oct 1 was the first time I practiced / played for any league of time since July 24.

I’ve also pinched a nerve in my neck that is causing my first two fingers on my left hand to go numb.

@D_HRRFan7303 sometime life gets in the way. But this afternoon I heard my 4 year old grandson singing Sitting on Top of the World. Believe it or not, that little man can carry a tune and we were almost harmonizing.

I might not be playing but I’m listening or thinking about or watching bluegrass all the time. This morning we had church service in the field behind the church. I put the Purple Hulls on and as I pulled out I heard @BanjoBen say, “Kick it off Katy”. The song that got me back to wanting to play and wanting to go to church.

Take you some time off. Your mind will work on it as you do other things. When you pick it back up you’ll be better than you were last


Hi Harrison, I understand where your at. I took a break from the forum during the summer. there are other things in life that are important, and trying to get the balance right can be a struggle… Take care buddy


It goes in seasons for me, too @D_HRRFan7303! Hang in there!


Say, didn’t a famous banjo player once write/sing as song with lyrics like, “To every thing there is a season. A time to laugh, a time to cry. A time to live a time to die.”

And that idea of a season for everything goes waaaay back before Pete Seegar ever played “Turn, Turn, Turn,” so Ben is spot on, Harrison. Even now we see the trees turning into bare twigs, yet they will burst forth in splendor come the spring.

Your time to burst forth in splendor is coming, Harrison.
And it will knock your socks off when it happens!

EDIT: Hey, I just noticed you’re in Plattsburg! I’m just on the other side of the ADK’s from you! There’s a “Gold Pick Member of the Week” living between the two of us.
And Barb Heller of North Country Public Radio was an IBMA Broadcaster of the Year nominee just last week for her “String Fever” show. These woods are full of pickers! I wouldn’t be surprised if we meet up sometime after the snows!


Thanks for the encouragement everyone, @BanJoe it might be kinda far for you but I go to the Willsboro jam sessions every time I’m free. Maybe we could meet there sometime?


It could happen! I fish the AuSable in Wilmington & paddle my canoe all over the ADK’s.
But I will have t get a lot better before I sit in on a jam with a picker as diversified & talented as you!


I’ve nothing new to add to all of the great comments above, but just wanted to also chime in on the seasons we all go through, and it’s totally understandable. We’ll keep the light on for ya!
Mark (xmark)


Hey @D_HRRFan7303, i really hear ya. i dont know if anyone noticed but ive been a little quieter lately. simply because work has been soooo crazy. just make sure your not to busy for Jesus!! :wink: