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A Study Playing Solo & Backup in the Key of D - G Tuning

I would like to suggest this as a possible topic for a future study.

I have friends in my jam group who’s preference is to sing in the Key of D. I can fumble through the chord progression doing a forward backward roll but I would like to play something that resembles a break and a more complimentary backup
Their songs of choice are Great Speckled Bird, In the Garden and Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Thanks! In the meanwhile, my “How to Play in D” and Alan’s “Fretboard Geography” is helpful, though I know you’ve probably been through those.

Yes Ben, definitely and continue to revisited them regularly.

Hey Archie, have you checked out Katy’s “New Moon Over My Shoulder” lesson? It’s in D and contains some really cool swing licks you might be able to adapt to your playing.

Hi Mark

Yes thanks, I had a quick look at it when Ben posted the lesson. I agree it has some interesting licks. My knowledge of playing in D is fairly limited especially when compared to playing in C and G. Anything to broaden that knowledge would be helpful. But to be honest I don’t really possess the knowledge and skills to write tunes from scratch. I only wish it was which is why I was hoping Ben might consider my proposal favourably. These gospel tunes seem to be really quite popular and I am surprised not to be able to find any TAB in the key of D.