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A Rare Carolina Snow

Doo - Doo - Doo - Lookin out my front door


@Treblemaker that’s a pretty good bit of snow.

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This time of year always makes me happy to be in southern Texas.


Maybe you should head North for the Winter…:sunglasses:
Up here in MI I’ve got green grass, sunshine, and 1/2 the leaves are still on my Mulberry trees.

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Actually, I don’t mind this considering I grew up in the north east. Used to love skiing.

Glad it’s you and not me.

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It is a crazy time here in “The Enchanted Mitten” - Michigan. We get dustings of snow every 2-3 days… and it is pretty chilly… but thank God we haven’t received that significant of a dump -YET!

Well, enjoy it because I expect it will melt almost as quickly. Just stay off the roads until then… because snow in the South is a big challenge for those who aren’t used to it, right?

Just another good reason to stay home and get some pickin’ done by the fire.

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Yes, I got to spend two hours outside today…All of it shoveling. Not bad though cause it released a lot of those feel good endorphins. Then I drove about 140 miles and saw 5 or 6 abandoned cars buried along the side of the road. We Yankee transplants love nothing more than watching southerners drive in snow.

By the way…What do Yankees and hemorrhoids have in common?

Once they come down they never go back up.

ha…I came back from W. Virginia, Texas, and Kentucky…

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Of course there are exceptions. To tell the truth I often get nostalgic for northeastern PA and the southern tier of NY. We keep a camper there and visit a lot in the summer.