A Prayer Request


I feel funny listing this as I know many suffer so much greater than I but I also believe we have a great God who loves us and is concerned with all matters.

I have posted several times about Banjo right hand position and stiffness/tension in my hand. All my efforts to play as I did no more than a year ago has come to none. I warm up and have worked constantly on tension and even when that has been successful my hand is still stiff and playing is a bit choppy at times. I go to play and my fingers sometimes will jump on their own or curl up under and palm too far when rolling. Everyone on here has been super with advice as newbies can have all kinds of playing issues the first two years in.

Today I made an appointment to see a Rheumatologist. With swollen knuckles and soreness figured time to get checked out. My mom has severe arthritis. Has for years. Could be related.

Anyway, though this be a minor prayer in the grand scheme of things, I love playing the banjo and its been nothing but frustration for a while now. I do honestly believe this is related. Maybe the doctor has an answer or not.

So thanks for reading and praying.

Two Finger Ballad of Jed Clampet

Absolutely, brother. I’m praying for you!


Thanks Ben.


Man, I hope it’s not arthritis. Praying for the best.

If you get the worst news, though, there are natural ways to combat it. I’ve helped some people do so. When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, the problem is that your immune system is attacking your body. Often is the case that you’re eating a food that’s prompting an antibody response, and those antibodies have identified your joint tissue as the enemy.

It’s common for antibodies to be tagged to fight multiple invaders, so the trick is to avoid the foods that the antibodies get tagged for that share your joint tissue. There are also some supplements from the Standard Process company called protomorphogens that can calm down the autoimmune response.

Finally, it’s critical to get your gut health in check. Because of our diet, most modern folks have some degree of leaky gut… where food particles larger than amino acids cross the small intestine wall into the blood stream. That’s the perfect condition for an autoimmune response, since those particles aren’t seen as “self.” So, get the gut working properly and you potentially eliminate all kinds of health issue, including arthritis.

If you can’t tell, I love talking about this stuff. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.


Thanks. I’ll let you know what they say. Its cool that you have other ideas. Not wanting to just throw meds at it if not needed.


Sending prayers, Jason… His will be done.


Jason, you have been added to my prayer list!


Will be praying for you :+1:




Thanks a lot!


Thank you!


I will pray for you Brother Jason. I’ll also add your name into a prayer request site.

:pray: May God extend his healing hand over Jason to bless the very miracle hands HE made. In JESUS’ Name, I pray. Amen! :pray:






Thanks very much!


:pray: Hope your doing well with your hands. I was thinking maybe you could pull your forearm back a couple inches or so on the armrest which may in turn cause you to flex back your wrist a little which may in turn force some of the curl out of your fingers. Just a thought, for what it’s worth.



Thanks for asking. Appointment isn’t until end of April. Sorry for the premature prayer requests. Lol. I am really bothered by it. Call me a baby but its really upsetting that I have went from really decent playing to playing like its my first day picking the banjo up. I love my life and am blessed beyond measure banjo or no but the idea of not being able to play it saddens me.

I did purchase a heating pad to see if that helps before I play. We shall see.

I’ll give your suggestion a try.


One last thing. There is a guitar teacher on the net named Chistopher Schlegel who has some great stretching techniques for wrist hand and forearm issues.

Googling christopher schlegel stretching techniques should get you there.

It would be rude for me to post a direct link.




As a general update. I haven’t given up yet. As I said yday bought a heating pad and I also bought a few sets of Dunlop light picks (.013 & .015) so see if maybe a pick that gives a little will cause less stress. Sorry Ben I had to get them from Elderly because my favorite music store doesn’t sell them! Lol. I know with lighter pics I will lose a level of sound quality but with my Bart Veerman Archie Bridge that is super thin I’m probably doing it right by going to a lighter pick Lol.

But we’ll see. I won’t give up. Just have to find a solution. Even if have to take up clawhammer.