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"A Mighty Wind"

I just watched this movie again, a “mocumentary” of a folks music reunion, by the same people that made “This is Spinal Tap”, the rock mocumentary.

Not only is the movie very funny, but the music (all original, written mostly by Eugene Levy and Christopher Guest) is spectacular. OK, it’s folk not bluegrass, but the instruments are the same and the vibe is similar. And the actors are all actually playing!

Two thumbs up for A Mighty Wind!


Yeah, I had worked up “A kiss at the end of the rainbow” and maybe one other from that movie. Talented “folks”


I absolutely LOVED both of those movies. “Break Like the Wind”!

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That’s a beautiful song.

So great that all the actors are actually playing; you can actually pick up the chord progressions just by watching the movie.

Loved that movie!