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A&M vs. Clemson...any takers?

Hannah and I are headed to College Station this weekend to watch the big game. I will consider it a success to stay within 10 points of Clemson. It will be fun, win or lose. I get to see some old Corps of Cadets buddies I haven’t seen in 20 years! Plus, I get to have my fill of Texas BBQ and Whataburger (just for @Archie).

Thoughts on the games this weekend?


I really think it depends on how early and how powerfully we set our run game. Clemson has an All-Pro NFL type front 4 that they rely on that frees up the rest of their defense. If the Ags can win the smash-mouth game early, it’ll put the rest of the defense into a game they aren’t used to playing and we got a legitimate shot.

If it’s up to Kellen Mond’s arm, we’re toast.

I could eat my weight in brisket, but you can keep your Whataburger. I had enough of that in the oil field.


Watch the waistline @BanjoBen I noticed you piled on a few pounds when you were laid up after the op. I am guessin Hannah an the girls were running after you hand and foot plying you with food and drink. Just remember I was a bean pole once, now look at me. Get your old buddies from the Corps of Cadets to take you on a few circuits of the field during half time.

Have a great time buddy you deserve a break after the work you’ve put in to the website and the store these past two years. I know all hasn’t gone to plan but things will come good eventually.

Don’t worry @Mark_Rocka and I will keep watch over the forum in your absence.

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I might just catch the first half on Live Stream. What team should I root for ?

A&m definitely

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If you want your heart broke, root for the Aggies with me.

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What are you saying @BanjoBen the Aggies have no chance of winning ?

If I had gotten some advanced notice I would have made the trip to the game to meet Ben in person. It’s only a 1.5 hour drive from my house.

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Right around 2%, I’d guess.

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Go for it @Mark_Rocka I can keep an eye on things.

I’ll pray for a win!!!

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I already have plans for Friday and Saturday night, otherwise I would.


Your realism is killing me, @BanjoBen!


You could cancel @Mark_Rocka

I know nothing about the two teams involved, but I will make a prediction: A&M wins it!!!

Even more bold… final score: 10 to 8.

BTW, don’t fret Ben. Everyone can be a fan when things go your way. The “real” fans are the ones who show up knowing they will need divine intervention for a good outcome. And just think how special it will be if the Aggies pull it off!


@Mike_R My wife used to say she always knew I’d be faithful in good times and bad because I remained a die-hard Aggie fan through the end of R.C. Slocum and into the Dennis Franchione years. :laughing:


I’ll jump on that train. My Wolverines didn’t defend in the 1st Quarter in South Bend against ND last week… played “catch-up” the whole game and couldn’t get the tying score at the end! UGH!

So… if the Aggies can just score EARLY…

Clemson has had a nice run… so now, it’s about time for some teams to rise up and take ‘em down!

GO Aggies!

Hey did you see that Maryland (after the tragic death of that player and the coach getting let go) took care of the Longhorns for ya - compliments of the BIG10!

If only UM can get things back on track this weekend against Western Michigan - GO BLUE!

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Very punny… “Don’t FRET!” Aren’t musical puns the best?

As for Mark’s “True Fan” comment - he is 100% right on!

Ben is an Aggie - to the core… and following the lows will make the highs that much sweeter in upsets. Hope springs eternal with College Football - which is why it is THE BEST! School Spirit inspires us!

There is always someone who has it worse in Fandom!

Switching to pro football for a sec we Lions fans have suffered since 1957 - only 1 playoff Win since then.

I am an abused Lions Fan for life - and because I am, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Someday… we will get there… SOMEDAY!

Just look at the Cubs… what they endured and now they are on top.

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Did you see the classiness of both teams honoring Jordan McNair? I love seeing stuff like that.

Maryland took a delay of game to honor Jordan McNair. Texas declined the penalty.

— Yahoo Sports College Football (@YahooSportsCFB) September 1, 2018

Yes, that WAS AWESOME - again, the spirit of college athletics…

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