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A Lesson Idea: Choking at Jams

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A Lesson Idea: Choking at Jams

Ben, I had an idea for a Lesson. Do you remember how you did a 4-Part Christmas Song - performing all parts?

What if you selected a BASIC song, wrote parts for the instruments and demonstrated how to compliment the song in a jam-type scenario?

I envision a “crash course” for what to do and not do - in a jam-type situation. Think of it as a way of building on what Waypoints did for us Banjer Pikkerz… to understand and unlock the “up the neck” play… applied for how the instruments (Banjer, Mando and Geetar) can comp or Vamp together.

This Lesson wold be more about approach and tools to use when playing… rather than a script of parts.

I have never Jammed… but us newer players WANT to… we just get nervous cuz we don’t know HOW!

A Lesson like this would be soooo revolutionary… to unlock the mystery of things to do (and not do) when an opportunity like this springs up.

I pose the question… imagine if you had a group of newbies… and were asked to start a way of having them play in that moment versus practicing parts for a month. What would you do (besides RUN AWAY :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)?

I imagine this may hold challenges to pull together… and probably requires some planning… but it should not be too tough for the “Bach Of Bluegrass”. :grinning:


Yes, I’ve thought about this type of lesson for years. I had coined it “virtual jam” and thought of even recording the video at the Opry House with various pickers and the camera shots being FPV. I’ll put more thought into this, thanks!

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Oooo yeah, what he said…