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A Gift of Thanks for John

@jwstafinski, some kind folks here on my forum have collaborated to give you a gift for your service after reading your story here: Combat Disabled Veteran

They have asked to remain anonymous, but are proud to offer you a $1,000 voucher to use in my General Store for an instrument and/or gear of your choice! We want you to know how thankful we are for your sacrifice and service, and we’re honored to help you in your journey to become a better picker!

To use the voucher, check out the store selection, then give @Jake a call at 833-226-5623 and we’ll get you hooked up. We’re honored to have you on board the forum and look forward to seeing what you select from the General Store!



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I don’t even know what to say I am amazed and so thankful I look forward to learning and playing I am so excited thank u all so much


I just want to say thank you again I spoke with Jake at the store this morning I am so excited he said he would be getting things together and working tooth Been to move forward. I can’t wait to start playing.


I got the guitar I am so excited thank you again


Awesome, please post a pic when you get a chance!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you and your new toy!

Absolutely will do ASAP

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Happy for you John, and thank you for serving. So… what guitar did you get? We all love getting a new toy, so share please…

@BanjoBen, @Jake and all Forum members,

All of you are Saints for realizing this moving gesture and special recognition for John.

John’s story touched me as a fellow Vet… but I hesitate to even call myself a Vet… as I am not to be counted among those who gave so much - as I never experienced combat like our hero, John. Still, Veteran causes and recognition are very important to me - and I am so grateful that I am clearly not alone!

All the same, I am moved from this… and am continually amazed at how this site and community transforms lives.

A lyric from one of my favorite bands wrote:

“A Spirit with a Vision is a Dream with a Mission.”

The very idea was exemplified by all your actions. Mission accepted… and a Dream, delivered to a very worthy recipient.

I know that all who gave anonymously would never accept being called out for such generosity… but I was raised to acknowledge when witnessing the good deeds of others.

May God Bless you - one and all.


Sweet message and I get what you’re saying, but William, never hesitate to call yourself a veteran and I bet @jwstafinski would agree. You stepped up, you served, you sacrificed a chunk of your life, you made a commitment and you were ready. Everyone in the military has a purpose and serves a need and I for one am glad y’all are there. I hold you all in the same high esteem.

Bud, thank you for serving :slight_smile: And the same to the rest you here at BBC who served. God bless you.


Hey @anon8000755 Whether standing guard at an army barracks, peeling spuds to feed your comrades, manning a radio station, ferrying fuel & rations to an outpost, facing an angry crowd protecting a terrorist or patrolling hostile territory. If you have served where your country needs you, then you are a veteran be proud of who you are.


@Maggie & @Archie,

Thanks for your words. Don’t get me wrong… I am immensely proud to have served… but I was fortunate to serve my 6 years in the Air Force with only 1 minor conflict during peace time.

I personally put war Vets on a whole separate level - to be honored and held in reverence… let alone those who, through injury… sacrificed so much.

Finally… I was also very pleased that @banjoben extended a Life membership to John also. Now, John will remain with us… no soldier left behind… where he can be part of this incredible community.

Give a man a fish (instrument), he eats for a day. Teaching him to fish (Lifetime membership), feeds him for life!


Amen brother

Anyone who served stands on that same soil as me or any other soldier who was wounded it does not matter when you served all that matters is that you were willing to give your life for this country I don’t care when you served I truly thank you for your service, and I am grateful you didn’t have to see war.
And a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me get a guitar I am so excited and honored and humbled. Thank you again I will share pics soon I am out of town right now but will be home on Sunday.