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A gift from God

I can’t begin to imagine how this wood sculptor could see such a beautiful wooden stature emerge from an old tree trunk. Amazing just to watch him work.


Logging is a big industry in my neck of the woods, and the “Woodmen Field Days” every year bring out dozens of chainsaw artists. You are right…it is amazing to watch them work! Cutting up big logs is easy compared to controlling a chainsaw for delicate designs.


It pains me to see any tree being cut down. Especially one over 100 years old.


Here we have trees that are over 100 years old, but they were planted by the loggers who cut down trees over 100 years ago so the people of today would have trees to cut down.
It’s a shame tress cannot cut down shopping centers.


Supermarkets in particular. They are responsible for the large volume of plastic and carboard waste that is produced each day but I’ll stop my rant there. I am pleased to report I have planted a small woodland of 20 young saplings this year it will take a few years to establish. I have yet to plant out some rooted cuttings I took earlier this year.

Last fall I planted a similar number of saplings and they are doing really well. It may be a small step but if everyone in the world were to plant just one tree in 2021 then maybe in 10 or 20 years we would begin to see a reverse in climate change. It’s not just the loggers that are killing trees, insects are too, but mainly because when they fell trees and replant they create a mono culture with trees of the same type. They kill off the flora & fauna too breaking the food change for animals & birds.

Here in the UK they moving Scottish beavers to England in the hope that they can help regenerate the forests, help reduce flooding and re-establish beaver colonies in National Parks which were wiped out back in the 19th & early 20th centuries.

Check this out

To your knowledge are similar things happening in the USA

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I suppose, but a lot depends on where you live. I live in the North Woods. It’s like living in a jungle. Left unattended, the woods will cover everything, including towns & villages. Planting trees is hauling coals to Newcastle. That said, different trees have different economic value. Fruit trees vs lumber trees, ornamental trees vs sugar trees. Some trees can be duel purpose, some are good only for growing out of cracks in rocks.
However, in other parts of the country, tree planting initiatives are very popular. Trees are the magic antidote to everything. Obituaries contains links to “plant a tree in memory of…” I suppose that’s true, but that tree is also a great revenue stream for the corporate funeral parlor.
The UK is centuries ahead of the US in terms of cutting down forests.
While we don’t have anything as specific as the Queen’s Jubilee, there is the National Arbor Day Foundation, a long-lived organization that constantly promotes tree planting. There’s even a National Arbor Day.
I was pleased to see the Queen’s site spoke of the proper season to plant trees. Too many tree-plantings are done for the photo-op it presents, so the tree that gets planted basically has no chance of survival. To everything there is a season.

Now if the TV show “Primeval” is correct, there are dinosaurs in the Forest of Dean!

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You nailed that one @BanJoe . Back in Tudor times the forests were virtually wiped out. Everything was made from wood,. We sailed the world and logged everywhere we settled. that is why the Queen is so keen to revive the woodlands across the Commonwealth that her forebears plundered before she passes.

Problem is these days trees are felled on an industrial scale and we are not keeping pace with the replanting.

I like the idea of woodlands left unkept. I visited the rain forest in north Queensland Australia back in 1994 and the natural beauty of the forest was amazing to behold.

The Royal Family have a long history of planting trees for a photo ops. Here in the UK politicians, local councillors have caught on and love to have their photos taken planting trees. Maybe that’s a tradition you could introduce over there. You have the resources on your doorstep to make a good income from selling young trees.

Not so sure there are dinosaurs living in the Forest of Dean. At least I saw no evidence when I visited back in the 1970’s but Scotland does have it’s own dinosaur in Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. I can say with hand on heart I have never seen Nessie myself. But many American visitors claim to have caught a glimpse of the monster so who am I to doubt their honesty when Nessie creates so much needed revenue for the Highland Region after all Lapland does have Santa.