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A Banjoist Prayer

Hello all! I was sittin here thankin and was wondering if there was a banjer player Prayer out there that someone would share? I need and welcome all the help I can get when I can get it! Me and the big guy upstairs have a special relationship so not worried about that, but I can’t seeem to come up with an original thought penning one on my own. So if someone in the fold would be so kind, it would be very much appreciated. The talent I have seen in this community is amazing and I cant wait to see the results! :sunglasses:


Hi Jon, I can’t say that I know of any but when Earl Scruggs passed away this was sang in his remembrance service


Thank you Archie.


Help my pull-offs be sharp,
My tone to be round,
The chords come in clear,
And all make good sound,
My action stay low,
And snug in the lugs,
May I pick it like Crowe,
And sound just like Scruggs!

In the mighty name of Jesus,
Banjo Ben


Now I sit me down to play
I pray the Lord that my sound not slay,
And if the devil’s chord I strum
I pray the Lord forgive my thumb
And if I could make one request
Lord please help me play my best.


That’s what I’m talkin bout ! Thank you Ben and HillBilly, those both brought a tear! And a big smile! :rofl: I new there were some poet’s out there! Anybody else got one?