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A bad habit or is it normal?

Hi folks,

Just curious. I am mostly self taught but now that I am a BanjoBen student I need to learn more.

my question:

Left hand position: sometimes I bend my left hand back as I am trying to play notes and my palm goes more under the neck.
I notice Ben keeps his wrist straighter, but if you all can help me out. Is this a normal thing to do to bend wrist back or am I getting it wrong?



Not entirely sure what you mean, but a few good rule (in my opinion) is to have your left hand in a position where you can hit 4 frets with 4 fingers. 1st finger on the F, 2nd on the F#, 3rd on the G, and 4th on the G#, etc. As you go up the neck it becomes easier. But you may have to bend your wrist depending on where you’re at on the neck and what strings you’re playing. I think it’s also recommended to have a gap between your palm and the neck. Hope this is at least a little helpful.

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That sounds like it might make it harder to play. However, some of the greatest pickers out there have techniques that are quite unorthodox.

Lots of variables on this one. Such as, does it work good for you? Does it cause any wrist pain?

Good question, that likely has lots of different insights.

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I’d suggest making a video of what you’re describing and posting it for Ben to look at.
He’s very good at responding and helping to correct things.



I agree with Dave @Fiddle_wood post a video let @BanjoBen see what your doing and let him advise accordingly.

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