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5th string slipping!

Hey Yall ,
My 5th string is slipping on my deering goodtime 2 banjo. The deering website says to follow these steps. The glue is a bit concerning. Has anyone done this?
Please advise.

  1. Remove the peg from the hole.

  2. Cut a small round circle out of white paper.

  3. Put a small drop of super glue on the tip of the tuner where you see the splines (those little ridges around the end of the tuner that goes into the hole).

  4. Put the small circle of white paper around the splines so that the drop of glue will hold it in place as well.

  5. Now place the tuner back in the hold being careful to align it as it was originally.

  6. Hold the tuner in place for a few seconds while the glue sets.

  7. You can GENTLY tap it with a RUBBER mallet if you want to set it in place.

  8. It will now hold. The piece of paper is there to fill in the gap that has occurred through neck shrinkage.

Let me know if you have any further questions on this. You can call me at our toll free number, 800-845-7791

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Hi Dean

I have had to replace a 5th string tuning peg before and it didn’t present any major problems. The list above sounds complicated. so this video by Ritchie Dotson may ease your concerns. If this doesn’t answer your query perhaps you can give @jake a call maybe he could do a quick video to explain the process,


@Deano1 - My 5th string peg slipped out on my Deering Goodtime. I followed the exact steps you posted from the Deering Website and it has held like a beauty ever since. It’s actually quite easy, just don’t get in a hurry.

Thank you sooooo much! This is great banjo and i will take my time fixing it!

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It worked like a charm!
God bless!


Friction pegs always pose this problem