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5 Christmas songs we did (or tried to!)

Merry Christmas & God Bless to everyone! :heart:
Here are a couple of links to 5 Christmas songs we tried to do this past Sunday. 1st link is individually
for bluegrass Jingle Bells - which probably came out the best. 2nd link is all 5 songs (far too time consuming to try to extract them all separately!) - timestamps are as follows and also noted in details on youtube:
Silent night - 1st song (also the roughest :confounded:)
Star of Bethlehem - 7:10
Go tell it on the Mtn - 11:50
Jingle Bells - 15:15
Away in a manger - 19:11 - mando part is @BanjoBen arrangement, (and yes, it’s way faster than its supposed to be…) that was the only “arranged” music, the rest we just winged it after only a few times practiced…:thinking::grimacing: side note - we need to smile alot more… despite how it looks we were having fun…!!!:blush::blush: putting that :blush: on the new years resolutions… links below:

And here’s the whole deal:

:hearts::hearts::hearts: It… @Simone


That jingle bells was great! I could attend a church like that… lol. I’ll watch the other one later when I have time


Awesome!! thanks @Simone


Thank you @Archie @Dragonslayer @Grinnin :blush: & everyone else that gave it a listen :grin:!

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