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2019 Forecast Video

Just wanted to say thank you for the teaser 2019 Forecast Video, Ben! I appreciate your positive and kind words of encouragement. Hope you’re back on your feet soon😊

Also wanted to mention that, while on a couple of road trips this Christmas season, I heard The Purple Hulls sing The Reunion Song on Enlighten and BG Junction. Loved it!

Lastly, now don’t forget that Dueling Jingle Bells request! I’ve already notified a community concert assoc. Ill be the banjo performing it next year. I’m countin’ on ya Ben!

Blessings to you, your crew, and family. :blush:


Thank you, @lauriestaurie! Remind me in October 2019!

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Looking forward to learning more Scruggsy Material in 2019, Some of the Melodic stuff in the advanced section just has too many notes coming at ya. It’s hard for an old fella like me to handle.

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Where can I find that video?

I saw mine in my yahoo e-mails

Oh ok. I didn’t see it cuz I’m registered with my mom’s email address

Here you go:


Hi Ben,

Thanks for posting here. My year has been chalked full of extremes… Highs and lows… But as you know… God’s will be done with my life… and I continue to believe that around the corner in 2019… I WILL find that job and praise God for it.

I also have come to really enjoy all the support and incredible things in OUR EXCELLENT FORUM - that you host… so I was so glad to hear that “shout out” to us active Forum members… the best and most helpful online community I have seen…

Ok… so I don’t go on social media elsewhere… But that just reinforces my point. You have collected a great bunch of helpful folks here.

Dare I say, an awesome benefit of the “price of admission” for ALL those who look in here.

Anyway… I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us on the site in 2019!

Thank you for sticking with us through your knee issues…

God Bless you, your family and this whole community for a successful, prosperous and peaceful 2019!

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@BanjoBen, thank you for all you do on here with your lessons and feedback. I was somewhat lost in learning to play the banjo before I joined and became a member. Your lessons give me the structure and progression I need to get better. I didn’t used to listen to BlueGrass before I started playing the banjo and now I listen to it a lot. The Steeldrivers is my favorite band. I am sure there are copyrights around their songs, but any lessons you can have that play to that style would be awesome. Or maybe interview some of their band members. Also would be neat to have some non BlueGrass lessons. Maybe some Celtic music or Alternative Rock. :slight_smile:
Your site gives me something fun to do every day.
Thank again!!! Happy New Year!!!

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Thanks for posting that here! I hope you recover soon

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Just grateful to be a part of this terrific site and forum. Happy New Year everyone!