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1970 D18 - Should I buy it - Looks Sweet

Sounds like they are a fair deal place. They understood that you wanted the instrument, but also understood your fair view of it’s value and agreed. In the end, you got the instrument you wanted at a fair price with the work it needed completed. Congratulations!

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What happens to an instrument to make it do that. I have noticed it on almost all instruments but not to this level (both the oscillating and the sustain)…I mean what sends them over the top…perfect manufacturing specs/everything is right, or is it just the dense wood aging?

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Jesse, I don’t know exactly what it is. It seems some of it is materials, some of it design, some of it the “experience” of the guitar, but the point is, some guitars have it. Since yours does, that’s awesome. I have noticed guitars that sing along when I play another guitar. I know… it sounds silly, but they do. They pick up and “play” the harmonics of another guitar being played near it noticeably. Those are generally great sounding guitars.