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can anyone tell me where I can find vamping on this site for the banjo. I was in the section of solo building with amazing grace and saw some vamping and it looked interesting. I would like to learn this or is this an advanced move?

thank you


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Watch this starting at 1:41


Thank you!!! That’s actually next in line after solo section so I was coming to that. Thanks so much!!!


Also, make sure to check out the waypoints lesson. While not exactly vamping, per se, it’s the foundation for it all the way up the neck. Ben is going to continue the waypoints series in the near future, so it’ll be good to have that lesson under your belt.


You’re welcome. :+1: I’ve watched almost every lesson in the Banjo basic and intermediate sections even though still doing basic rolls. Seems like a strange thing to call muting the notes…“vamping”. I wonder why it’s called that?

Maybe something to do with pinching the back beats?

I’d like to know myself.

Just googled it.

Vamping patterns are used almost exclusively with movable chords and are characterized by fretting‐hand muting techniques that give a percussive, snare drum-like sound to this technique. These muting techniques are the same as what mandolin players play when they provide backup to the banjo in a bluegrass band.

thank you , so great to have a supportive community!!!


Hi Mark

Have you an idea when BB will be doing more waypoint lessons? i.e D, Em, etc

He recently told me to keep reminding him, so I’m hoping any day now.

Ok cool pal :+1: