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Thicker picks

Great observations Rich certainly with you on the flexibility. I scratched around in my 12 string cases and found a number below 1mm just don’t work for me anymore.

Certainly think your wayfaring stranger will prove a hit

Happy Picking


I actually use a Bluechip TADJ-80 alot, and I really like it! When I started playing I used a pick that was .40mm thick and have moved up alot since then. My speed and accuracy has gotten better up to about a pick 1.60mm thick, and after that it doesn’t effect me too much. I do have one pick thats 17mm (you read that right) and it kills tone and sounds awful, so there is such thing as a pick too thick😆

Edit to add: I recently got a tortoiseshell pick from Crowder guitars (around 1.60mm thick) and it is my new favorite pick. I prefer it over Bluechips for tone and playability, its worth the price difference


I use a TP-1R 60 as well for my guitar- I prefer the thicker pick, and don’t like the feel of picks that bend, even the smallest amount.

On a related note, I use a custom Blue Chip thumb pick for my Dobro (and sometimes for my banjo if I already have it out) and its a JD Crowe pick made out of a TP-80.