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Running clawhammer performance thread

Coleman’s March! This is double C tuning, and learned by ear, but I’m not sure where from. This thread is where I’ll post my clawhammer playing to keep it easy to find


Shove That Pigs Foot a Little Further in the Fire! Also in double C, I learned this after watching Russ Carson play it with Nate Burie


And lastly for now, Pear Tree! Standard tuning, I learned this by ear from a Buddy Greene album


So in these videos, I had worn out my middle fingernail, so I picked (or strummed) with my index finger, and it noticeably affected my tone. I prefer the middle finger’s tone and accuracy

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Ok… Clawhammerin’ is just showing off!

Where did you learn clawin’ like that, hmmm?

I am staring to really want to learn it!

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Thanks! YouTube taught me everything that Ben didn’t, and that includes clawhammer. Of course after I learned the basics, I arranged these tunes myself. And I’m not opposed to showing off, as most people who know me well know :joy::joy:

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I can keep on going… But I already have that High Love or Lotta Love (whatever it is called) badge for maxing likes in one day! :joy:

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Ok… Don’t hold back…

What Clawhammer resources would you recommend?

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I’ll find a couple of the videos I used and post them to the other clawhammer discussion in just a minute