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Prayers of THANKSGIVING - New Job

Banjo Ben Forum Members,

This Sunday morning, I pray THANKSGIVING and success for @BanjoBen and his STRONG FAITH! He is a brother in Christ!

Forgive the indulgence of this lengthy post but know that I felt it is important to share feedback to those who have supported me (you know who you are!) and to share testimony to God’s blessings and plan for us in times of struggle.

Months ago, I approached @BanjoBen for permission to post a prayer request here (out of respect for him and his site policies in adding a religious element to his site). Having read his past testimonies and knowing of his spiritual beliefs and values, I reached out in faith… and he did not disappoint!

His reply was immediate and guided by his strong faith, values and character… a resounding approval to my request. Even more, he boldly proclaimed, as leader of his site, he whole-heartedly supported the idea! At the risk of embarrassing him, I feel compelled to share… THIS is the kind of teacher we are fortunate to have! Much more than our teacher, he cares for those he teaches. That was in mid-November.

In these challenging months of countless resume submissions and many, many interviews, so many of you have heard and responded… offers of assistance and prayers… humbling me as a part of a real and vibrant community of good folks who live by a code to help those in need.

Our prayers have been answered!

I begin a new job tomorrow and wanted to reach out to all of you and express appreciation for all the prayers and positive thoughts (for those who might be less “religious” but well-intentioned in their devotionals and offers to aid those in need)!


The new job is with a small company that has one large client… The Archdiocese of Detroit. I will be an IT Manager, working to service over 220+ parishes in SE Michigan… spanning 6 counties to support a larger IT Management and modernization initiative outlined in a 60+ page Pastoral Letter to Unleash The Gospel by our forward-thinking Archbishop. This initiative supports all ways of welcoming and opening the church in the region (IT being one vital aspect of the multi-faceted mission) and is happening at a time of dynamic revitalization in Detroit, as well - quite exciting! I will be working downtown at the Archdiocese Main Office.

Initially found through a Recruiter, this job is currently a short-term contract that holds promise to actually join the small company sooner and transition to a long-term position… having significant possibilities to positively affect people’s lives in new and dynamic ways… infused by God’s Blessings upon this work - His Will Be Done. My prayers continue that I will prove worthy and be successful to make the long-term transition - having demonstrated my value to the CEO and team in the coming 3 months.

One other small sidenote, I was informed on Thursday - Ascension Day, from the CEO himself.

With your prayers and support, I am eager to succeed in permanent placement but for today, my prayers are offered to Thanksgiving (to God) and gratitude (to all of you).

TO CONCLUDE (finally)…

In closing, one last heartfelt thank you from me and my family for all your prayers of support. Your continued prayers for success in this giving vocation is also appreciated so I can secure that full-time position and help more people for years to come. I can assure you of my prayers are with all of you moving forward.

I am so pleased to share this news and testimony with you all. I will rejoice today and have already shared with many others about the story of this community and the good people we are fortunate to share here in this place at BanjoBen’s site… which is so much more than the Best instructional site to learn and pick Bluegrass on the Internet!

God Bless!


Praise the LORD! So happy for you, I’ll pray that you’ll get the long term job as well!


Wonderful news! Thanks for letting us know. May all glory, honor, and praise go to Him who provides in abundance for His children!

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Hi Will I am so pleased to hear the tide is turning for you. Wishing you well


Thank you Archie

Faithfulness ALWAYS pays off. No matter the outcome. Happy for you Will. Congrats!


Thanks Jack!

@WillCoop, I’m so happy that you got a job! Devil cannot take it away (I John 5:18) as long as you are found (Philippians 3:9) in Jesus. Cause all your needs are guaranteed IN Jesus. And of his fullness, have we all received,… (John 1:16).

Psalm 116:12,13
12 What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me?
13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.


Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Thanks for sharing in the happy news. It sounds like a great opportunity!

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God is Good!