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Newbie question - how to practice efficiently

I’m out of town for a week and I have a trailer load of folks helping out newbees. THANK YOU to the best forum members anywhere! Keep pickin, @mike.thomson!


Don’t wear yourself out too much though! :wink:


Appreciate everyone’s input and encouragement!

I’m still not sure if I’m progressing as quickly as the “average” student, but I do know I’m enjoying the heck out of it. Sure, there’s frustrations, lots of 'em, but being able to recognize that I’m just a tiny bit better than a few days ago, or a week ago, is such a good feeling.

Not sure if I’ve said this before, but I almost didn’t buy a banjo until I found this site and @BanjoBen 's lessons. After watching the free ones, I knew I could learn to play banjo even remotely with the coursework Ben has created. Thank you @BanjoBen, it’s been a lifelong dream come true to learn an instrument, and I’m thrilled to be on the journey with all of you!


Wow, thank YOU for those kind words and keep workin’!

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