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Highly Disappointed....Or Am I?

I’m a big fan of Ben and his teaching, but I have to say that my recent experience with the general store left me very disappointed. Here’s why:

As soon I got my box and opened it up, I found that it was packed with crumpled up Cabelas mailings. Where were my Rice Krispies as advertised? Beyond that, I looked through every piece of the mailing and there wasn’t a single Cabelas coupon on any of them.

All joking aside, on a scale of 1-10 my experience with @Jake at the general store was top notch. I was mainly looking for a mandolin strap and had one in mind. I decided to call first, and Jake was quick to point me in a different direction to a strap that would actually work best with my A-style mandolin. I’m loving his recommendation.

To get the free shipping, I threw a banjo tuner mount (I’m pretty giddy about this gadget) into my cart and a set of strings that promises to give my instrument the feeling of sailing around the world in a yacht whilst bearded.

Thanks @Jake!


“Hi, my name is @5stringpreacher. I like to create forum thread titles that give @BanjoBen a heart attack. Nice to meet you.”


Does anyone know where to get a defibrillator? I understand @BanjoBen might need one


Hilarious :joy:. I figured that would get Ben’s attention. I think you know how to get ahold of him now!

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That’s some serious packing to protect a strap.

Good to see @Jake is heavily into recycling not a single polystyrene bead in sight.

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That’s cause he feeds all those to the fish in the creek.


I was surprised too by the post but as soon as I saw the picture I thought it must be some type of prank, Now that his heart is tested to the extreme, Ben cannot be surprised/shocked easily anymore! :slight_smile:


CLASSIC - Gotcha!

Well dun, my friend!