Discuss the Mandolin lesson: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus



I’ve got TWO solos for you, so listen all the way through the preview! The 2nd one is a very swampy, bluesy Monroe-style solo that we’ll have lots of fun with. No turnin’ back…no turnin’ back.


You mandolin pickers let me know if you want to work on more stuff like I play in this 2nd mandolin solo. It’s not my default style, but it is fun and could be a joy to pursue.


The second solo will be a skill-stretcher for a week or two (or more!), but it sure does sound like fun to play. Nothing wrong with the other solos, too!!


So I’ve been running thru the first and tried the second both at half speed (the little sprocket thingy at the bottom). The first I 'bout have under control at normal speed and the second at half speed is a challenge. Then noticing you can speed up to 2x normal, I tried that. Wow, fasten your seat-belt. Now I have a new standard to try to play up to. :sweat_smile:


I love Bluegrass gospel. Putting and old and new twist on classic tune like this makes it all the sweeter. I can hardly wait till the next one.
Thank you Ben.


What and answer to prayer these lessons are! God bless ya Ben!


What I’m wondering is… where’s the tab for the banjo solo, Ben???


@Wendell 'm sure it will come out as a banjo specific lesson in the coming weeks.


I haven’t started on this one yet, but it’s on my short list.

In response to working up jazzier versions of Gospel songs, years ago I never heard “Softly and Tenderly” but liked the words and chord progressions. So I played the song as I heard it in my head. Upbeat. Rhythm guitar so I could sing it. I taught it to my sisters and we ended up playing it at my sister’s church. Silence, but followed by a good response, like “I’ve never heard it quite that way before”.

So with all respect, I’m now learning S&T the way Ben is teaching it, but would love to follow it up with a more Bluegrass version.

Thanks for your website; I’m learning more faster than ever, understanding why I’m doing stuff and starting to get the hang of improvising!


I love that second mando break!


Do you have tab for the guitar and banjo solos?


You can bet they’ll be available soon.


Ben, How I love this version of the Song!!! Whoooo Hooooo!! Hey, is that one of those new Eastman Mandolins you are selling in the store? or is that one of your own? You sell Northfied mandos too?

Keep bringing bluesy gospel bluegrass gospel types and spice it UP!!!


I’m curious which model is that mando?md515 or md315? also @marianandmark can you post a video of your version of softly and tenderly on the vid swap?


Yep, that’s the MD515 that is in the store here: https://store.banjobenclark.com/products/eastman-515-mandolin

And yep, I’m a Northfield dealer! I LOVE them. I have an F5S in the store now: https://store.banjobenclark.com/collections/mandolins/products/northfield-f5s-f-style-mandolin

And I just sold a Big Mon that was probably the best mandolin ever to pass through my Cabin…definitely the best NEW mandolin: https://youtu.be/D9zBj0QsezE


I’m playing the MD515 in this lesson: https://store.banjobenclark.com/products/eastman-515-mandolin


Yes, I would appreciate more of this solo style! Thanks a lot for this song.


Good deal, I actually did more of this type of thing in the lesson that came out today! https://banjobenclark.com/lessons/quarter-note-triplet-study-mandolin-intermediate


Yes! More Monroe style. That was great!