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You can learn this minor mingle and have nothing to fear. Is that too far? Oh well, it’s funny. Let’s learn some minor chords and have fun doing it!

measure 3 to 4 with the 1 to 2 slide. Is that a slide for real or a hammer on. there is an H above the slide. can you please clarify.

thank you so much!!! awesome lesson


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Good question Jim. It can be either, in the demonstration Ben uses a slide because it’s often done that way in Foggy Mountain Breakdown. There’s no hard rule, whatever feels /sounds best to you.

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Thanks! You can do it either way, but I have it as a hammer here. I think the hammer gets a slightly different sound but not enough to hardly notice.

Thank you !!! taking my time with the lessons and working with a metronome. appreciate all of your feedback. not many pickers here in Chicago , LOL

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Banjo Ben. You’re the man!Love this site and asking my wife for my birthday for the lifetime membership. One question I wanted to ask is if you’ve ever thought about adding any avett brothers (banjo) or mandolin orange wings (mandolin)


Yeah, I’d love to but it’s copyrighted and I can’t legally teach a lot of that stuff…perhaps one day! I’d love to have you on for life!