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Didn't think I would hit a plateau yet

WOW. just WOW.
Thank you all for your excellent advice, I got more out of this question than I could have hoped for and a special thank you to @frankb_be @Lone_Wolf, @BanJoe
@xmark and @Michael_Mark It is appreciated.
Hope I didn’t miss anybody. Thank you all.
and another thank you to @Lone_Wolf I appreciate people who take notice of food it is one of the main drivers in my life and nothing beats the feeling of a harvest. And that was a perfect analogy. I have a good seed, now it needs some water.


Glad to hear we encouraged you @Hillbilly_picker! Keep in mind that when you are playing backup, it’s nowhere near as complex as you might think it is. I used to think that there was some secret code to playing rolling backup, but in reality, about two roll patterns and three licks will suffice for most of it. Keep us posted on your progress. One of the things I had to realize is “Practice doesn’t make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect.”