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Constructive Practice

@C-Stewart nailed it!

I used to rely almost completely on tab to learn things… and I would imagine that standard notation is not any better.

Maybe for a few minutes when you practice, set your “music” aside and just mess around on your instrument making your own audible music… I bet and hope you’ll start to see some improved results. And when you’re doing something tedious or have free time (e.g. when you’re driving, etc.) listen to some music from a few different artists- music you’re not currently working on- and just ingrain those sounds in your mind.

And remember, don’t just focus on “practicing”… think of it rather as playing, and have fun playing your instrument.


Thanks I will work on the memorization. I am reading my music instead of memorizing. Tough for an old fellow. LOL


I have no idea how long it would take to learn to read at the speed that most tunes are played at. Certainly would not be something that I could even come close to doing. ( I suppose you are talking about fiddle tunes and the like?) My wife is good at reading but started Violin very young and I don’t know that she can read fast enough to play fiddle tunes on the fly.


Imagine trying to sight read notation for a banjo break on “Train 45” going about 190.

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That’s the beauty of TablEdit you can slow the TAB and follow along.

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