Collaboration #1: Will The Circle Be Unbroken


haven’t heard form Mike since the holidays either…

Larry & Mike are the only ones i know of that might mix it down.


I am still kicking :slight_smile:

I thought I was the “substitute” mixing guy until after the Thanksgiving holidays. Sorry if I got that wrong. I can certainly make further mixes if needed. I think at the very least we need one break (perhaps a full verse/chorus if someone feels moved to do so) with an ending. We will likely need to make the rhythm parts match up with the ending as well. If the original rhythm folks don’t have time to do the ending, we can likely come up with something that works (I can punch in guitar and mando).

Last call for people wanting to add another break… speak now or forever hold your peace.


I tried my best, but couldn’t get that kinda speed up
Without falling behind 3-4 sec at the end.
Hope next one is bit slower so beginners stand a chans.
ill see if i can post my try.


Sorry guys, I’ve been out of town and away from my DAW for the last 3 weeks (back to back to back festivals). Just got off a bluegrass cruise on Saturday. I have this week off, then I’m back out again, so if Mike wants to finish up this collaboration it will likely go faster. Besides, he’s already got it sounding good.


You got it down! Just spend a few more hours playing that over and over and you’d probably have it good enough to toss in the mix. Don’t forget to take breaks while you’re practicing. VERY important.


@KB1, are you still working on it? Sounded pretty close, and like Mark said, I suspect with a little more work, you’d be in good shape.

Alright, so does anyone want to do a break and an ending for the song? Here’s your chance to get in the last word!


I wish I could but I’m SLAMMED for the next few days. I hope someone can!


I can do a spoons solo if no one else wants it. I could even throw in an interpretive dance.


I vote for the dance. :rofl:


If no one else does, I’ll do it, but I’m already in there twice, so I’d prefer someone else take it.

Speaking of, are you going to be able to move me to later in the song, Mike? I can re-record if need be. I actually wouldn’t mind doing that. I think I’ve gotten better since I laid down those first takes.


Don’t know. At that speed my fingers gets stiff. I’ll keep trying to the end. I can only set up my recording equipment at


Mark, I can move it if needed. However, feel free to re-record. We are easy.


So, did this project ever get finished?




Okay, what’s needed and let’s get it done. @Mike_R?


Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen Mike on the board in a long time. I hope he’s OK.


I know he’s been traveling a lot this summer…I’m able to halfway keep up with his adventures on facebook.


Hey all. I am still breathing :slight_smile:

My computer in my office no longer agrees with the forum. I’ve been meaning to rectify it but other things keep popping up. It’s been so long, I don’t know what we need to finish. I am pretty sure no one did a break with an ending, so unless we want the most awkward stop in the history of music, we’ll need an ending (or a break with an ending).


There were questions about moving breaks around… that is typically pretty easy to manage. We live in a cut and paste world. On my old Fostex, that would have required scissors and scotch tape (and a ton of luck)


Awesome! Anybody up for a break with an ending? If no one volunteers, I’ll do it sometime next week.