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2021 Cabin Camp Song List!

Really looking forward to the April Cabin Camp, last fall was a blast. Hope Penny can tell that I have been practicing and working on my Mando skills!
Bluegrass, awesome food and fellowship, doesn’t get any better than that my friends!


@Jeff_Perryman glad you got a slot! I’m going to be at the “all banjo” camp - bummer we’ll miss each other by a week or so.


Well, you have a good camp with all the banjo pickers! I’m sure we will cross paths again. Stay well and travel safe.


I am just seeing this for the first time… so it’s about to include ME!


Howdy Ben

New gold pick member as of this week. What instruments will the camp in Missouri focus on. Thinking about making a road trip up there. Love that part of the country. Actually just got back from Eureka Springs last week.

You ever thought about doing a camp in Texas? Maybe near Your alma mater? I’m TAMU class of ‘04. Wouldn’t even mind driving to Austin as I bet you would find a bunch of pickers there.



Welcome, first of all, and thanks for your support of the site! Missouri camp at the store will be banjo/guitar/mandolin and will be aimed at beginner-level students this time. I’d love to have you!

Yep, the plan is to have a camp this fall somewhere in east Texas near where I grew up. The only reason I’d go to Austin is to go south of Austin and eat that BBQ…which I’m doing next week. Gig 'em!!


Is this the song list for the banjo only beginner camp at the end of September?

That would actually be this one:

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