What has been heard cannot be unheard! 🀣


So I did a search for β€œbanjo” on FB and found this.

I’m gonna go pour bleach in my ears… BRB


Oh boy. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. :joy:


Somebody buy this gal a gift membership!


I must admit, after seeing that I am a bit less surprised by the election results.


Boys and girls always remember that there is always someone who plays and sounds worse than you do .


Now we know how Donald manipulated the votes. He hired this little lady to spread the gospel.


I wonder if anyone called Banjo Protective Services?



Glad my headset broke last night or I might’ ave actually heard this β€œplay-her” strum and
sing on that six string gitbo. The visual is 'nough for me…


My mother always said, do not say anything that you do not mean, words can not be reclaimed once a person has heard them they are instilled in their mind.


Six string banjos are like takin’ a shower with a raincoat on…I’m just sayin’.


After reading the comments I guess I’m glad it wouldn’t play for me…