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What are y'all up to?

Yessir, my new smoker is being delivered end of this month. Can’t wait!


On the way to the airport and heading to Jackson Hole for our anniversary! Snow report says they got 39" in the last 72 hours…wow!


Enjoy !!!


I can’t wait to see the pavilion. I think it is a good idea.


New brake lines are all on the truck.

Had one line that was wrong/missing from the kit os had to make a trip to NAPA…ended up making a line for the missing one.

The ABS block was messed up (threads stripped), so hunted one up and it should be here in a few days.

New owners bought out the old family run mill in Missouri where I purchased my buckwheat pancake mix…something isn’t right with it now & their customer service leaves much to be desired…so found a new mill to try…some cert. organic place in Oregon…that was pretty sad…

First batch from a place in NY arrived in mail today. Hope it’s decent ,cause the stuff is getting near impossible to find anymore and I’m not about to switch to them little girlie buttermilk cakes.


Dang Jessie :slight_smile:


Hey @oldhat40, very nice demonstration of the results of your fret board knowledge from scales learning! … if I described it right… Good original stuff…

This is from last September. We usually do a huge outdoor blowout every Labor Day, but this year we were going to Italy for 3 weeks a few days later, so we had small picking party instead. Alot of electric blues, a reunion of my old my band. And some of this. I wasn’t really ready. In fact I was in the kitchen mixing drinks when I recognized a Prine tune, so dropped what I was doing. First time anyone has every seen me stop in the middle of mixing drinks. I’m terrible at winging it, usually I have to map out breaks, but hey, it was my main man John Prine.


And I while I’m at it, while in Venice accidently stumbled on to an old church yards from Rialto Bridge that had some 200+ year old mandolins.


Looks like an old hurdy gurdy in there too.

Nice vocals on the Prine song.

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Well, the new ABS block came for my brake system today and it’s the wrong one…shipping back overnight & more waiting…


Let me see, what am I up too. Well, I am awaiting the email saying my twanger is about to ship. I’ve been around the sun 52 times, and it’s like I’m only 6, waiting for Santa.


Had to walk up to the store to get a few necessities today…(still waiting for truck parts to arrive). Luckily it’s only a mile there.


I know that feeling! If you don’t already have some, make sure you have a set of light strings to put on it. They come with mediums, but it’s pretty unanimous that the Twanger comes alive with lights.

Ben recommends the GHS PF135 set, and I totally agree with him.


I’d be interested to hear what a Twanger sounds like with a set of Stelling medium- heavies
.101," .012," .015," .024," .010" on.

I should add - I mean a comparison with a Twanger with Light Strings


The GHS PF185s are my personal favorite set… just heavy enough to pull a rich tone out of them but easier to play than most medium sets.


I think it ships with a set of 135s


This week at church we did the same songs we practiced last week, didn’t do them because church was canceled. Most of the instruments were left on the stage, and the electric guitar snapped it’s high E while being tuned. Praise God a B string worked in its place!


Today at “The Back of Beyond” (what I call my place) was seed starting day.

I started seed flats all day. Cold weather stuff. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, artichoke, leeks, 8 different varieties of “greens”, and a flat of herbs that my wife wanted me to start.

I keep a 3500 sq ft traditional garden and around 800 sq ft of raised beds. I have heating pads for seed starting and grow lights. This is the first wave, in 2 weeks or so I’ll be starting peppers, maters, egg plant, squash, and a few other things.

Always so nice getting seeds started…means spring is getting closer every day.

Now time to pick a tune…or three. I play every single night for a min of an hour, most of the time two hours.


Be sure to sow a few tree seeds we have lost so many trees lately that we all need to do a little to help restore our planet of lost vegetation