The Purple Hulls - A blessing



As my job search continues… I must admit that I’ve never been much of a Gospel fan… but I’m growing to appreciate this music more and more.

Jump forward to this life transition time for me… it just STRIKES A CHORD (pun intended) with me to listen to the uplifting messages of the Purple Hulls and the incredible harmonies and spot-on singing style between Ben’s sisters.

I swear that I think they - being twins - somehow fuses in the ways they phrase their singing notes… as I cannot put my finger musically on HOW it is distinctively unique to the two of them (I think it is there timing and the way the emphasize certain note).

I digress. What I mean to say is that their music is a blessing in this time for me. Thank you Purple Hulls (Ben, please let your sisters know) that the songs y’all produce makes an IMPACT that is real and tangible.

For anyone interested… even as it isn’t Bluegrass, I also heard a song called, Control off a CD called Followers by Tenth Avenue North… a Christian band… where the message is to realize that God can take control of the paths of one’s life. I find it a comfort and just a good tune - with a modern sound.

I’m sharing to pay forward the messages I have found to be truly uplifting in a difficult time.

If you feel down… feed your heart and soul with some music with a positive message!