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Pre-Camp Gathering Info March 2019

Anyone interested in getting together prior to the March Inaugural Camp can get info here.

First of all - express interest; we can list locations and share information.

I’m arriving the afternoon of 27 March at the Courtyard Nashville Mount Juliet. We can see if we can get use of a conference room depending on interest.

I’ll be arriving on the 26th or mid day on the 27th. Not staying at the hotel but nearby.

Great - so you’d be interested if we can get a few of us together on the 26th or 27th for some pre-camp practice? I’m assuming so and so we have at least 2 of us and I know there are another two from the other thread that will come. Looking forward to meeting you!


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Yeppers :+1:

I’ll be coming in late afternoon on Wed the 27th. But it will depend on what my wife wants to do when we get there.

No worries - everyone (or Y’all) can just check here for the latest info as to a gathering place be it a room at the hotel or in a private room or wherever - I just wanted a single place online where everyone could be included. Hope to see you soon!

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This is exciting! Maybe I can have some time to drop by once y’all figure it out!

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I’ll be coming in late afternoon on the 27th as well, so look forward to an informal jam; maybe after an early diner. Most of the courtyards I’ve seen have an actual courtyard with some chairs etc… where we might get together. Let’s see how many are interested and maybe we can make some arrangements with the hotel. I look forward to meeting all of you!

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It turns out I bought tickets to Ryman on Wednesday evening, but should be time to jam on Thursday am before we head over to Ben’s.

Heading to Ryman tonight but definitely up for a jam tomorrow morning if something comes together.

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Congrats on the tickets. I’ll be around in the morning and most likely an hour earlier than normal.

Well guys, I’m heart broken I won’t be there. I got sick yesterday and wound up in hospital. I’m home now but need a couple days recovery and I’m just not able to make the trip. I was so looking forward to meeting you guys and playing with you. I wish for you all a wonderful time, to learn lots and to have great fellowship. I hope to see lots of reports.
Cheers y’all :grinning:

Aw Maggie that’s terrible to hear! My heart goes out to you but at least you’re home and recovering - that’s the most important thing. You’ll be in our prayers. I was looking forward to meeting you - but we all will another time I’m sure!

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That’s so sad. I’m very sorry to hear that, I know you were gonna have fun. Congratulations to those who can make it, and y’all take lots of video! I want to see it

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Aw, shucks! What a inopportune time to be sick. So sorry for you, and hope you feel better soon.

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I’m not going but I feel bad for you Maggie! Will surely be praying for you to recover quickly and that all is well…God Bless!


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Oh thanks Chris, I hope you all are having a great time. I just noticed you are GPMOTW, congrats.