Prayer requests


I so respect and admire the Christian base of Ben and the site.

How would y’all feel about this?

Maybe this belongs in the Religion Group?


I thought of this cuz I was displaced from work last Friday - after 17 years.

I know this is minor to those with health issues… but I do believe in the power of prayer.

Finally, I hope this post and idea doesn’t offend anyone.


The only person you have to worry about offending here is me, and I think it’s a great idea. I’m sorry to hear about the job situation, and will pray for you. I’m moving the thread over to another category.


My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope the basic essentials come easily in the interim.


Sorry to hear about your job; the same thing happened to me just a few years ago. I’ll be holding you in the light.


Man I’m sorry to hear about your job. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.


Losing a job that solid and for so long is huge. In the top list of stresses you can experience. I am praying God is moving you onto something better or getting you out of there early by His grace to let you avoid something.


I’ve been there and it has lead to other good things that I wouldn’t have even thought of. I know it can be very difficult, depressing and deflating, but I hope you will find your footing quickly. Trust that God has great plans for you… because He does!

Lifting you up in prayer!


Hang in there. Good advice here from Doyle Lawson.


Thank you to all who took a moment to send a message and offer up prayers for me and my family. I want to say that this is part of the reason that this community is special.

I particularly like Ben’s response - about the decision is his - and that we all can help those who are struggling.

I am looking FORWARD now… got my LinkedIn profile happening… and now it is time to move into a new chapter, right?

Hey, maybe I should be lookin’ at somewhere near Nashville to get us out of this colder climate. Seriously, we really enjoy Nashville… and I could see myself living there… and no… not with aspirations of “BANJO GREATNESS” - but just the city itself… and all that it has to offer. Now, MLS is on the way!


Prayers to you and yours, Will. Always praying for those in need that God’s will be done. Have you reached out to any Vets groups that may be able to help you look? God’s blessings, brother!


Hey Brother, what in particular are your prayer needs, in addition to your employment situation? That way, we can come together as one little community here and take it to the Lord.


By the way, anyone heard from welder41 lately. Hope he’s well.


Thank you for having the strength to ask and to offer this blessing. How could you know…?

Indeed, unknowing and unsuspecting this fork in the path to come our way, we put money down to build a house (our Dream House) last fall. We have been in this same simple house for 16 years… and only NOW… believing our foundation to be strong… we find ourselves in this “season of change”.

The framing of our house-to-be started this week - and a move-in date is projected for April or May.

:pray: Not MY Will… but I surrender to GOD’s Will be done to lead me. To every season, there is a purpose and regardless of if we shall follow him there to THAT house… or follow him elsewhere, I and my family will walk those steps together with him in the joy of his presence and believe in HIS plan for wherever my family’s House of the Lord shall come to pass. AMEN. :pray:


Oh… and I might mention that my son tested into and got accepted to a special High School in the area of the new house - where he started last fall?

The commute would drop from 20 minutes EACH way, 4x per day… to just 5 minutes… and the house was one of the final 2 home sites in that large subdivision - which has since sold out.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways…


Brother, I admire that you’ve determined to follow God no matter which way he leads. It always works for the best strange as his plans sometimes seem.

Will keep you in prayer in your employment, your house and your sons situation. Please let un know sometime down the road how it all worked out.

I’m taking it on faith, you’ll have a very good report soon.


Jack (Treblemaker)


I’ll certainly be praying for you, your family and situation. Also that you’ll have a strong faith and to not get overwhelmed and discouraged as you go through this. God Bless.

I called him a few weeks ago (we’re about an hour and 20 minutes apart). He sounded good but he just doesn’t have the energy he once had with all he’s been going through. I should probably call him again. I know he appreciates everyone’s prayers and thoughts. Thanks for asking.



Man, please tell him I’m thinking about him often and miss hearing from him. Tell him to let me know if he needs anything.


I’ll surely do so Ben. He’ll be glad to hear that!



I am still kicking and just started a new lesson , Ben is full of surprises but I already have the phrasing down on the first few bars and will master it soon . I am getting good at reading and playing from tab.I am seeing a specialist on heart failure and she is using a new one to help my energy and it seems to be working still get tired easy enough but am feeling better .


Good to see you back on the forum Ken. Glad you’re feeling better and still praying for you.