Pickin' Parlor


Does Ben still take advantage of the Pickin’ Parlor lessons advertised on this website?



So far as I know, the parlor isn’t live at this point. I think they were working on it earlier this year, but I haven’t heard anything for a while.


Howdy all,

Ben is finally slowing things down and is trying to put together a good Pickin’ Parlor plan. We have discussed some options and formats, but there is no target date at this time. So, just be on the look out because it’ll be coming around hopefully sooner than later!

Always feel free to email me any questions about the site that aren’t too “pickin’” technical (because I got no pickin’ sense!) at andy@banjobenclark.com

God bless,



I would be interested in the pickin parlor too. After all the best way to improve is to play with others who are better than you.


Is this still a option for the site? I don’t see any dates planned for it.


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Hey guys!

I talked with Mike about this the other day. I’m in the midst of buying a house (and having to rig out a new studio). This is good news because my current “Pickin’ Parlor” is actually my packed basement. The new studio/parlor is an old cabin that is going to work great! When I get settled in, instituting the Pickin’ Parlor is going to be one of my top priorities. I’ll keep you posted, but I’m really excited about this move!

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So am I! Can’t wait to take advantage of this!

Good luck with move, Ben, and congratulations on the new house.


I have no idea how long it takes to rig up a new studio, but is there any update on this?

Not trying to be naggy, I’m just really excited about this medium of instruction!


No rush, but I’d love to be involved…

All the best!!!