No sale


I guess I ask to much it is ok it ain’y eating anything thank all that viewed and considered it .


Sorry you can’t play it anymore. My wife is kicking me from afar for even inquiring. Do you know what model it is?


Don’t know what it is, I know it is foreign made and very heavy and loud. I have a small towel inside the head to dampen it some . it is a nice one I posted pics on another post here . If I sell it OK if I don’t ok it is taking up room and would make room for maybe a mando or nothing at all . I seem to be coming to the end of my useful life, and if I stay with guitar that should keep me busy enough. The good Lord has given me all I ever needed and then some. It may need set up for the individual but it is fine for me . If I can drag it out once more I will look for the model number and post it on the original post . looks as though I will make past three score and ten and that is good .

from 1988 through 1989 start with 46 and each change like from 45 to 46 would be 1989 45 would stand for 1988 , sounds simple enough this banjo looks to be brand new so I would think it was in the simple code of 1 for 2001 and 2 for 2002 and so on .In could find no way to tell which model it is they stopped making them in 2012 .

No numbers where the experts said they would be so I don’t know the model or the serial number, dose not have one with out looking past more dissemble and I am not going that far . it has a metal tone ring sitting on the wooden body “This is a 4294 Silver Belle. I am guessing late 90’s.” that is what the rep said at Alvarez.


“This is a 4294 Silver Belle. I am guessing late 90’s.” that is what the rep said at Alvarez… I re posted to make sure everyone was alerted to the name or model of the banjo.


Hey Welder 4!
It looks like a nice Banjo. I have to admit that I know as much about Banjos as I do about molecular science. I am interested, but will not have the finances until around the end of March, beginning of April. Let me know how much you want for it.