Mother Earth - Giving Something Back


Over here in Europe we are hearing a lot about President Donald Trump ignoring the warnings of the world’s scientific community on climate change and his decision to withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement…

Now I am no scientist but I have been kicking around this planet now for over 70 years and in that time I have witnessed some dramatic changes to our planet Mother Earth.

I have saw footage of towering black smoke from burning oil wells that blackened the sky over Kuwait for years, massive oil spills in our oceans through tanker spillage and offshore oil well accidents. colossal open cast mining in every corner of the world. rain forests cut down on a massive scale. wild forest fires in Australia, Europe and the US. Oceans polluted with man made plastic waste. Soil from the prairie wheat fields blown away leaving a dust bowl of infertile land and in this past year alone some huge storms hitting the Caribbean islands, southern states of the US and over here in the UK causing massive flooding. Now all this news is in the past and largely forgotten except for those who have to pick up the pieces and start having to rebuild their lives.

But honestly have you ever stopped to wonder what long term impact these events have had on our planet ?

Now all this could be just fake news but as a layman it seems to me President Trump has his head stuck in a bucket of sand. I can understand he as to fulfil certain promises to the folks that elected him. The coalminers in particular. But come on Donald fake news really ?

Whatever your political views are on climate change there is one small thing that you can do to give something back to Mother Earth

As musicians I am sure we all take pride in the beauty of the instruments we own. The type of wood the quality of the grain, the sound of it’s resonance. Did you realise each instrument we own probably formed part of several trees possibly from several different continents. Some woods possibly obtained from the rainforest or illegally imported timber. But what have you done to redress the balance of nature? What can you do to give something back to mother earth ?

Over here the government, churches and eco charities are trying to encourage businesses, farmers, councils, schools and local communities to plant young trees and wildflower seeds in any spare patch of land or brownfield site they own to help offset the eco systems being felled in the global rainforest.

If the entire world’s population was to go out tomorrow and plant just one tree seed or sapling maybe we could begin to turn the tide. This fall I am planning a trip to the woods to collect nuts, berries and flower seeds and move them to a new location to help create a new forest.

Are you planning to visit a forest this weekend to hunt, fish or just simply gaze at the beauty of Our Lords glorious garden? If so why not join me collecting nuts, berries and flower seeds and move them to a new location to help create a new forest.

Maybe you could invite your friends on social media to get involved. Encourage your church, school, community council, local business to help promote such a simple idea.

Are we too late to save our planet ? Who knows perhaps this grass roots movement might help to change the minds of those who have the power to make a difference. But if we sit back and do nothing they will go on doing what they do and in time all will be lost.

As musicians we are all partly responsible for the loss of these ancient forests through our high demand for rare timbers to build beautiful instruments so we can create and enjoy wonderful music.

Just think. All it takes is one tiny seed to start a forest and in doing so we continue to spread the gospel.

Take a moment to watch this video, perhaps it will inspire you to do you bit.

Blessing on you and yours.


It behooves us to be the best stewards we can be of God’s creation. I like this idea and appreciate the heartfelt concern. It will make a huge difference.

Pray for our president Donald Trump. He is a flawed, human, wretched sinner just like me. He also claims to be a child of God, just like me, so in that regard, we must give him the benefit of the doubt.

I agree and disagree with him vehemently on a myriad of issues. He nor any other man can ever solve our problems, clean up the earth, or bring us peace.

Only when the true “Prince of Peace”, Jesus returns, will this happen.