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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bag O' Licks- G to C Rhythm Licks

You know your G chord…you know your C chord…but shouldn’t they know each other? Learn these 5 rhythm transitions that will help these two fellers get acquainted. Why, I declare, I do think it’s a match made in Heaven!

Hey Ben… are you adding a few extra notes on the video at measure 19? It sure sounds that way and sounds cool too, but wondering if it is just you playing faster than my ears can keep up :slight_smile:

Can you tell me which video and the time code, please?

On the main video preview at measure 19. And wow… fast reply

Lick #5

Ahhh, gotcha…so what’s happening is that when I form my C chord for measure 19, you’re hearing the hammer-on on the 2nd fret of the D string (E note). It sounds like I meant to do it, but I didn’t. That D string was ringing out from playing the G chord and putting my finger there for the C chord made an extra note. That is one reason why I stopped playing the McPherson for bluegrass stuff…it is actually too resonant.

Thank you! Makes sense. I kept looking at your fingers to see if I could copy it, but it eluded me. Thanks for a great learning site.

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