Billy Graham vs. His children


Is it just me or do Billy Graham’s children seem to embrace everything he would have been against? Specifically Donald Trump.


Whew! One question getting both politics AND religion! Haha. I don’t think it’s just you and I also don’t think they embrace everything he would have been against–how’s that for a political answer :wink:


I guess there could be something to children rebellion - even if it isn’t overtly mean or misguided. It could just be a way of acknowledging the differences they express that contrasts with their famous father… a way of finding their own voice.

I’ve not studied the contrasts so I cannot speak from substance… only conjecture and possible motivations or philosophical differences.

In another perspective… all of us are much the same as we are all human… but it is our differences that make us unique and distinct from others.

Otherwise, we would all be expressionless robotrons.

Just like Ben said when giving his advice on approaches to the methods of playing banjo and preferences. There is a fine line between a “bad practice” and innovation, right?

I recall Earl’s story about daydreaming when he suddenly “realized” he was picking in his classic style.

Another story comes to mind. I read the liner jacket of a vinyl album my father had (yeah, I’m that old) that Handel - while writing the Oratorio… the Messiah… was overwhelmed with the music that poured from his hand for WEEKS during that whole process. For those of you that may not know, the famous “Hallelujah Chorus” was the memorable part which is actually in the middle of the Oratorio - rather than the end.

Anyway, one day… in the very early morning hours… one of Handel’s servants came to his room to check up on him… and he heard Handel weeping behind the closed door. The assistant, worried about Handel’s well-being (from writing incessantly), rushed in to see if Handel was OK.

When the assistant inquired tp Handel’s well-being, Handel looked up with tears in his eyes and replied… “I just had a vision of God”. This was at the exact moment he had just finished writing the “Hallelujah Chorus” section - which by many accounts is arguably of the most influential spiritual church pieces ever composed.

Was Handel just delusional from fatigue… or was God waiting for him to complete the influential work?

In considering the incredible impact of that piece… I prefer to believe the latter.


I’ve heard Billy Graham sell out. I remember back after 9/11 he went to an inner faith service (doesn’t seem like something he would do) and in his portion of the speaking he quoted a scripture and he said, “Now this is for the Christian only.” Was he trying to be all inclusive by saying this is for the Christian and didn’t believe the Bible is truth for all to know? Guess hard to say but hes by no means perfect.

I am very much against the current Christian culture that too much associates itself with political parties (any of them.) 1. It gives the impression of being married to organizations that are anything but Christian and thus the world equates the two. 2. It sidetracks and distracts from the true purpose of the Christian. Bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. You cannot legislate morality.


I couldn’t agree more. Religion and politics are like oil and water.