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Beamont rag

double post sorry

I haven’t even planted tomatoes yet. I’ll be very late this year with the cold temps up to last week.

Not much room here but we have two barrels cut in half that tomato’s will be planted in and last year my brother-in-law had a very good crop more than he needed personally with two barrels . we have a lot of people in and out here it is like grand central station . so we need more . I thought for awhile there it was the BVM that moved in over night . I sure do miss hoeing the corn and the beans (Not) it was hard work . I do miss the smell of canning and cutting up the vegetables for canning . it was a very happy time indeed ,. Of course Dad canned beer except he put it up in slim bottles . I remember one time it sounded like fire works in the basement and it was the caps blowing off the bottles , guess he got a bit ahead of him self . I do like the taste of hard cider . I don’t drink and have not for a very long time found out it was a waste of time and money .

I ran into the ground on going from bar 19 to 20 I kept hesitating on a note and it threw the whole timing off I got it but it took about 40 tries to do it. The note was a B note going directly to an A and then B flat to B to C . Some call it timing some call it phrasing , no matter what it is called it sure stops you from playing . It has been a bit of a challenge.

Yep, I did the same thing there when first learning it. I wanted to hesitate right there. You just have to keep that roll going right on to the next part. Having said that, I still hesitate after the second roll/crosspicking in measure 21 on the two open strings and it throws me off. They are almost like “fill” notes just to keep you on track. Hard to get my head wraped around those notes for some reason. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that Ben has done a great job on this and it has been a blast to learn. Every part in it is interesting and it has a great flow.I can’t stop playing it.

If I start at the 18th bar when I get to the first note in the 20th I mess up I can play it from the beginning of the 19th bar and get in to it nice but if I play the entire thing from the 18th bar the phrasing winds up in the sink . I know I must be dropping a note somewhere but I can not tell where at yet I will keep at it til I get it no matter if it takes me the rest of the year .ARGGHHHHHHH!

Same here I was hesitating right after the A note before hitting the B note and what I did was listen intently and found that was the problem now it is like buttered grease and falls right in place I have been successful and thanks to you . That was a big huge help .

Here’s where I’m at with it. It shows where I’m struggling and I fall behind at one point. It’s not always easy to hear where I need to be sometimes. It’s gettin’ there though.


Nice playing Shawn, You kept it at a good tempo and made for some nice, clean playing… Alot of players try to play too fast before they are ready (which I’ve been guilty of) and it gets sloppy. Yours was very enjoyable to listen to and still at a good pace.


Thanks JW. That’s about as fast as I can play the B part without getting lost right now (I still got lost a little :slight_smile: ). There’s a lot going on in there.

Sorry about the rhythm track being so loud in there. I still haven’t found a sweet spot that doesn’t drown out my playing and I really can’t tell how it’s going to sound until I upload to youtube.

Great job Shawn! It looks like you are keeping your hand nice and loose.

I look forward to learning this song at some point, and hearing you play it is good inspiration. Thanks for posting.

Thanks Mike. The right hand is giving me fits. :slight_smile: Sometimes I can keep it loose sometimes I can’t, it has a mind of its own. I still see way too much extra movement in there and I can’t quieten that down.

I think I’m going to try the banjo and mandolin on this one. I haven’t picked up the banjo since our Joy To The World project.

I am no where near that but am still trying . maybe some day will be able but right now I am not ready for subprime time even .

Welder, if makes you feel any better, you are further along on that song than I am. :smiley:

My whole out look is to not be discouraged no matter what . and what makes me feel better is when I get a phrase down like it should be . Music is like poetry and when you recite it correctly and maintain the proper phrasing poetry sounds good, same with music but instead of words we do it with notes. plunk ! there fixed it

That was great welder! I actually laughed out loud. A merry heart is like medicine for the soul.

Proof read Kenny proof read Plunk not Punk dang it I always do something dumb PLUNK !

I thought it was a Clint Eastwood type of thing. Punk!

One of my famous misspellings .

Found out that doing the back to this is as much fun as doing the tune . LOL . Back up is an art all to it’'s self and I think I do a nice job on this one, many baffle me and I have a hard time getting the syncopation in this thick head of mine. I even get the stop part and it works out well . any way have fun doing what you like no matter what it is /