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Banjo Teacher of the Year

I know that the IBMA selects a Banjo Player of the Year but I am curious to know if there is a category for Banjo Teacher of the Year. I am not an IBMA member but if I was I would definitely like to nominate Banjo Ben Clark for such an award.

I have studied with many banjo teachers over the years some are quite famous in the bluegrass community and it goes without saying I hold many of these teachers in very high regard. They have taught me a lot on my banjo learning path for which I am truly grateful but the one teacher amongst many that really stands out as being an exceptional teacher is @BanjoBen

If any of you guy’s out there are members of the IBMA and share my admiration for Ben’s teaching skills. Would you be so kind as to speak with the selection committee and offer up Ben’s name for consideration.

It is often the subject of great debate that the legacy of Bluegrass Music was founded on two key individuals Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs although it’s equally fair to say many other musicians made a huge contribution early on.

If this music legacy is to survive for years to come it’s left to teachers like Ben to pass on their skills to the next generation of students. I firmly believe such people need to be recognised and encouraged for the sterling work they do.

Don’t you ?


Archie, that is super kind of you. Thank you.


Here… here … @Archie Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in the IBMA but agree 100% what you say even though I’m a newbie to all things banjo I’ve been playing professionally for 30 years now on and off in the Folk Rock scene in the UK and know a good teacher when I see one :+1: