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Banjo Ben's Inaugural Camp & BBQ Bash Introduction!

I sure hope I get to be one of the lucky 30! I’m planning on trying to get a slot.

Well It ends up I may not make it. I just realized that’s my kids spring break week and we are planning a trip. Unless of course I can convince them to go to Nashville.:grin:


What’s not to love about a trip to Nashville?

I really do think we would all enjoy that. We have been planning on going out west but who knows. We will be talking about it over the next couple of weeks.

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Well yeah. Lot’s to do in Nashville.

Ben I met Lone wolf at another banjo camp he has by far surpassed me with skill and talent but I would like to be included for this camp so we could do more playing time together and of course learn more. I am a big fan of yours and have learned a lot through your teachings, for that I say thanks.

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This is awesome Ben! Hope I can get in!!

Would really really like to go to this Ben! How will you choose who can attend? I imagine there will be many people who would want to go. This sounds so fun!!!

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I’ll be posting a link to a registration page after Thanksgiving. The first ones in are in. I will offer here to the forum first before going outside of that.


Sounds great! Fingers crossed…

Hi Ben, it does sound like a fun time. Are you going to be sending an email?

I’m going to post here about it first. If the spots don’t fill up, I’ll then send an email to everyone. I just want to offer it here first since the forum folks have been helpful in my thinking about the camp, etc.


I would like to go so much… if for no other reason than to meet and shake the hands of @BanjoBen, @Jake and all the rest of whomever joins along. Plus, just being In NASHVILLE! No… I have no real musical aspirations at this point of my life… but I found Nashville to be just a wonderful, vibrant place to live! Maybe in retirement?

Now, my priorities are still to land a job (still keeping the faith) and seeing if I can even meet the criteria for playing first.

Until these to fundamentals are met, the rest is just dreaming…


Got the dates circled in RED! (just in case :grin:)

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Sounds like slot of fun.
Is Jake gonna rent a trailer, so he can bring instruments and equipment for sale at the camp?:heart_eyes:

I have had turkey so Just checking to see how close to Thanksgiving you were going to post the rules, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

well this sounds very interesting, so can folks still attend if they are not among the student capacity

Hey @BanjoBen and everybody, just checking that I’m monitoring the right thread for Camp announcements! Can’t wait!


Wow, Do I dare dream that I may go to such an event?

I’m going to start a new thread with specific questions about the camp THAT IS NOW LIVE HERE!!!

You can find the new thread here: Banjo Ben's Inaugural Cabin Camp, March 28-30, 2019!

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